Traditions of moroccan gastronomy

Built there more than 135 years, Ksar Al Hamra is famous for its tasty local products and treasures of Moroccan cuisine in a friendly atmosphere.

Gourmets from around the world meet up in this lively place, a place of memory and life.

Find generous recipes that make the success of the house made by our chefs, such as:

  • Tajine Chicken or veal with lemon confit olives with Berber vegetables
  • Couscous with 7 vegetables or royal couscous with raisins and onions
  • Leg of lamb with saffron gold (on request, for 2 people)
  • Tanjia the beef shank
  • Shoulder of lamb with almond (on request, for 2 people)

Contact privatisations/événements :
Naciri Nourredine, sales manager
Tél : +212 6 61 06 65 15

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